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SwiftClear Cordless Electric Ice Scraper

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Introducing the SwiftClear Cordless Electric Ice Scraper – the ultimate tool for effortless and efficient snow and ice removal from your car windows. Say goodbye to manual scraping and hello to quick, easy deicing with just the press of a button.

Key Features:

  1. Quick Start Technology: No more struggling with manual scrapers. Our electric scraper starts quickly and easily, even in cold weather, making your mornings hassle-free.
  2. High-Speed Rotation: With a powerful motor rotating at 200 RPM, this scraper effortlessly clears heavy snow and ice, ensuring a safer journey.
  3. Long Battery Life: Equipped with a 3000mAh battery, it offers up to 30 minutes of continuous use per charge. The USB rechargeable design means you can power it up anywhere.
  4. Effective Clearing: Enjoy clear visibility in all conditions. This scraper's efficient defrosting and deicing capabilities adapt to various weather, preventing obscured vision.
  5. Compact and Portable: Lightweight and easy to store, this scraper is a convenient solution for on-the-go use. Keep it in your trunk or glove compartment for easy access.

Product Specs:

  • Usage: Car glass snow blower
  • Power: 11.1W
  • Colors: New Yellow, Old Yellow
  • Material: Durable ABS
  • Motor Speed: 1600 RPM
  • Battery: 2600mA, 60 minutes life
  • Charging: 5V-USB to 4.2V, 4-5 hours charging time

Whether it's a frosty morning or a snowy day, the SwiftClear Cordless Electric Ice Scraper ensures your car windows are clear and your drive is safe. Perfect as a business gift or a practical addition to your winter car essentials.

Product features: 

1. Electric mode, release hands
2. Strong power, fast and efficient
3. Lingling is light and small, easy to carry
4. Long-lasting battery life, used for many times
5. Replaceable chassis to increase product life

Packing list:

One snow scraper+bottom cover+USB charging cable+color box

Product Image:


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