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SnapStrap Magnetic Curtain Ties come with 3 pieces

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This product is a set of curtains fixed clips that use magnets for easy installation without punching holes. The straps are made of lace and can also be used as storage holders.


  1. Easy to use: The Hooked dormitory magnets are easy to use, as they do not require any punching or drilling on the walls.

  2. Space-saving: The magnets help free up space in your dormitory or small room by allowing you to hang curtains and other items without taking up valuable floor space.

  3. Strong hold: The magnets have a strong hold and can securely hold curtains or other lightweight items in place.

  4. Adjustable: The straps can be adjusted to fit the width of your curtains, making it easy to customize to your needs.

  5. Versatile: The Hooked magnets can be used to hang curtains, organize wires or cables, and even hold lightweight clothing or accessories.


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