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Fridge Fresh Sphere

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Keep your refrigerator smelling fresh and your produce crisper with the FridgeFresh Sphere! Our innovative deodorizer doesn't just mask odors—it neutralizes them. The spherical design maximizes air exposure, allowing the natural, non-toxic agents to effectively absorb and eradicate unwelcome fridge smells. Not just a pretty face, the FridgeFresh Sphere is a powerhouse against common refrigerated scents from fish, onions, cheese, and leftover takeout. It also helps to retain the crispness of fruits and vegetables by reducing excess moisture. Compact and refillable, this eco-friendly solution to refrigerator odors will keep your fridge and your conscience clean. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to freshness for up to six months on a single charge. Keep it cool, keep it fresh, keep it odorless – with FridgeFresh Sphere, your kitchen's new best friend.

Size: 7.2*6.8*12CM
Material: ABS


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