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Multifunctional Car Tissue Box with Single and Double Cup Holder

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Multifunctional Car Tissue Box with Single and Double Cup Holder is an accessory that serves multiple purposes. It is a storage box designed to hold tissues and has a built-in cup holder that can hold one or two cups. This makes it a convenient accessory for people who frequently use their car for long drives or road trips. The tissue storage box helps keep tissues organized and easily accessible, while the cup holder provides a secure place to hold drinks and prevent spills. The multifunctional design saves space in the car and makes it easy to keep essential items within reach while driving.


  1. Space-saving: The multifunctional design of this car accessory helps to save space in the car by combining a tissue box and a cup holder into one compact unit. This is especially useful for people with smaller cars or limited storage space.

  2. Convenience: The built-in tissue box holder allows for easy access to tissues while driving, which can be particularly helpful for those with allergies, a cold, or children in the car. The cup holder provides a secure place to hold drinks, which helps prevent spills and keeps beverages within easy reach.

  3. Organization: By combining a tissue box and cup holder, this accessory helps to keep the car more organized and clutter-free. It provides a designated space for essential items like tissues and drinks, making it easier to find them when needed.

  4. Versatility: The single and double cup holder design accommodates different cup sizes and quantities, making it a versatile accessory for any car owner. It can also be used for other small items like snacks or small electronics, providing even more convenience on long drives or road trips.





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